The Importance of English Learning in the First Year of High School

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The Importance of English Learning in the First Year of High School

My Experience of Studying English in High School

English is one of the most important subjects in high school, and it is also a subject that many students find challenging. In this article, I would like to share my experience of studying English in high school and how it has helped me improve my language skills.

1. The Importance of English

English is considered a global language, and it is widely used in various fields such as business, science, and technology. Therefore, having a good command of English can open up many opportunities for future career development. In high school, I realized the importance of English and how it can enhance my communication skills and broaden my horizons.

2. Engaging Classroom Activities

One of the things I appreciate about studying English in high school is the engaging classroom activities. Our English teacher always tried to make the lessons interesting and interactive. We had group discussions, role-plays, and debates, which not only improved our speaking skills but also made the learning process enjoyable. These activities also helped us to develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

3. Extensive Reading

Reading plays a crucial role in improving language skills, and in high school, we were encouraged to read extensively. Our English teacher provided us with a wide range of reading materials, including novels, short stories, newspapers, and magazines. This helped us to improve our vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills. Reading also exposed us to different writing styles and ideas, which greatly influenced our own writing abilities.

4. Writing Practice

Writing is an essential aspect of learning English, and in high school, we had ample opportunities for writing practice. We were assigned various writing tasks such as essays, reports, and creative writing. Our teacher provided constructive feedback and guidance, which helped us to improve our writing skills over time. Writing regularly not only improved our grammar and vocabulary but also enhanced our ability to express ourselves effectively.

5. Language Exchange Programs

High school often organizes language exchange programs, which provide students with the opportunity to interact with native English speakers. These programs not only improve our spoken English but also expose us to different cultures and perspectives. Through these exchanges, we were able to practice our language skills in real-life situations and gain confidence in using English.

6. Online Resources

The availability of online resources has been a game-changer in language learning. In high school, we were encouraged to explore various online platforms, such as language learning websites, video tutorials, and language exchange apps. These resources provided us with additional learning materials, practice exercises, and opportunities to communicate with English speakers from around the world.


Studying English in high school has been a rewarding experience for me. It has not only improved my language skills but also broadened my understanding of different cultures and perspectives. The engaging classroom activities, extensive reading, writing practice, language exchange programs, and online resources have all contributed to my growth as an English learner. I am grateful for the opportunities I had in high school to develop my English proficiency, and I believe that the skills I have gained will be valuable in my future endeavors.